1997 GSU Faculty/Staff Technology Conference

These are the topics we will "cover" in the Advanced HTML using the Mac workshop on Dec. 9, 1997. Included are some of the "advanced" features of HTML. Please share your "cool tricks" with me as you discover them.

Topics included:

Go to the tutorial. You can also download the entire file (260k) set from here (compressed, binhexed).

Here is additional advanced tutorial material updated from the presentation of last Spring. In addition to some of the topics above, it has some info on javascript, client-side image maps, & using your WWW page as an FTP server, You can download these files (110k) too (compressed, binhexed).

Here are some things NOT to include in a web page...

My personal pet-peeves....

If you have additional topic ideas or suggestions, please let me know.

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Last modified: December 9, 1997

J.B. Claiborne