We are affiliated with the Georgia State Chess Association (GCA) and the United States Chess Federation (USCF).

We need volunteers to help run tournaments and register players. Contact Ms. J. Marie Lutz for more information

Registration for the March 11 tournament is now closed!

Thank you for your enthusiastic support!

We will not be able to accept walk-in registrations or late registrations from players who have not played in past ORSCA tournaments. We may be able to make exceptions for current USCF members who have played in previous ORSCA tournaments.

Extremely late registrations delay the check-in process for the rest of the participants, so we ask that you register well in advance for tournaments.

Please understand that while we normally welcome all comers, the high number of registrations for this tournament has strained the all-volunteer staff in many ways from providing enough chess sets and clocks to finalizing the roster in the pairing software. Advance registration allows us to have a smoother start Saturday morning.

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